ETM-Panel Cutter

- Designed to easily place tile on the frame
- Reach across full width of tile with ease
- Cutter adjustable to 3, 6, 12mm thicknesses
- Design for up to 1.5 meter wide tile
How to use: Hook both tape measures to the edge of slab and align the ETM Panel Cutter to match the desired measurement. Secure the cutter with the two clamping knobs. Release the tape measures. To score the slab surface place the scoring wheel on top of the slab, ½” from the edge of the slab. Press cutter head down and pull back to the edge of the slab. Proceed forward with consistent pressure and speed to the end of the slab. The right amount of pressure is determined by the surface finish of the slab. Do not interrupt or restart. Drag the slab to the edge of the ETM Panel frame. Line up the ETM-SNAP with the score line. Position the knob over the score line. Turn the knob until you hear a “pop” sound. Then remove the ETM-SNAP. Repeat steps on the opposite end. To successfully snap the cut piece, both crew members need to equally apply downward pressure at the same time. For safety reasons we recommend using cut resistant gloves and safety glasses.