ETM Grip

- For unloading, moving, handling & back buttering of panels
- 12 suction cups (fully adjustable)
- 4 adjustable hanles
- Multiple length configurations(4 1/2, 6',8 and 10')
- Multiple shape configurations (i.e U and Z shapes)
- Tilt from 90 degrees to 15 degree angles
- 4 casters
- Free standing cart
- For 1 mx3m (39” x 120”) and 1.5 mx3m (60” x 120”)
- 40 lbs.

Use Case: The ETM-GRIP can be reconfigured for use with sizes smaller than full tile slabs. 1.5m x 1.5m (60”x60”). For a smaller format slab we recommend the use of the fully adjustable ETM-SLIDE, ETM-SPINE, SIGMA KERA LIFT, or 2 suction cups. It is crucial to check the adhesion of the suction cups prior to moving tile slab. (Clean slab surface thoroughly) Suction cups are designed for rough and smooth surface tile.


Assembly instructions

Installing Wall And Floor Panel Tile With ETM-Grip (Video)